Our Story

By the late 1700s, the French colony that would become Haiti grew half of the world's coffee and was the most profitable colony on the planet. All of Haiti's coffee is Arabica, the high-quality bean used in gourmet coffees. Because coffee growing methods in Haiti have hardly changed for three centuries, the country's plants remain effectively unchanged from the earliest trees brought to the Western Hemisphere. As a result, coffee from Haiti is unique from that produced anywhere else in the world. 

Haiti's crop is organic by default most of the nation's 200,000 coffee farmers couldn't afford to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides even if they wanted to. The humid mountain gardens where the crops grow are bastions of biodiversity, home to tropical oaks, laurels, and fruit trees that provide shade needed for coffee production.

Perfect-Pick Never Blended

 Our ultimate goal has been to make a coffee that is high in cup quality and better  than any of the ingredients found in blended coffee. This means you get  100% Haitian coffee in every cup, hand-picked every season by generational farmers. This traditional approach to coffee farming ensures that our customers 
get the best organic quality coffee possible.